FIA Tribunal Slap on the wrist

The results are in on the FIA International Tribunal, regarding the controversial tire test between Mercedes and Pirelli following the Spanish Grand Prix. The full 20 page transcript can be found here.

Officially, Pirelli and Mercedes have received “reprimands” for their involvement in the test which featured the current 2013 Mercedes car. The tribunal will further exclude Mercedes from participating in the “young drivers test” – which seems like an awfully soft blow – granted that both Mercedes’ drivers are already 1000km ahead of every other constructor in terms of in-season track time. Regardless, the FIA found that “The track testing, which is the subject of these proceedings, was not carried out by Pirelli and/or Mercedes with the intention that Mercedes should obtain any unfair sporting advantage.”

Either way, Mercedes now has three days of data on next years tires. Pirelli and Mercedes must split their legal costs in addition to the costs of operation for the tribunal – which is likely a lot of cheese and croissants. 


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