Quick Post: Driver Shuffle has begun!

Well, just like we expected! With 7 weekends left in the season, drivers and teams are already making the shuffle for 2014. Two weeks ago we learned that Daniel Ricciardo would replace ‘Mahk Webbah’ as the #2 Aussie for Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull. Now news has just broken that Felipe Massa will no longer be wearing red next year, as Ferrari announces they have signed Kimi Raikkonen for 2014 and ’15 to drive aside Fernando Alonso. Both drivers express their interest to work together, but can’t you already see the sparks flying? This marks the second time that Ferrari has ever employed too world champion drivers (previously Nino Farina and Alberto Ascari in 1953).

Raikkonen will vacate his seat at Lotus, which may give Massa a chance to stay with a top team, but more importantly… in Formula 1 at all. Ferrari has been candid of their approval and comments of Massa, however his performance has been lacking over the past few seasons. His last race win came all the way back in 2008 at his home grand prix, Brazil. More than likely, that new seat will be offered to an up-and-coming driver… who better than Nico Hulkenberg, who hasn’t had the best experience at Sauber.

We’ll see how things play out in the next few weeks. Who is the next to jump ship? Grosjean? Button? More to come in Singapore…


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