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If I Was In Charge #1 – The Perfect Guy Car



So here it is, my very first REAL blog post. All feedback is encouraged – enjoy. IIWIC (If I Was In Charge) is a section where I’ll write based on my views and critiques of the car universe, and how I would change them given the opportunity.

If I Was In Charge of a car company… I’d target a very specific audience and build them the best car. Today it’s the esteemed “18-25 year old single guy” category. I’d like to extend a challenge to the car manufacturers of the world. I’m going to give you the recipe for a top selling car – if you risk building it, you will make millions of dollars. Just know where you got it from!

So let’s get started with the question, “What do young single guys want in a car?”

  1. 4 Wheel Drive  –  Being a single guy is very dangerous and thrilling. You never know when you’ll need to shift it into 4Lo to make it to that BBQ on a mountain top, or when you run out of pop-tarts in the middle of a snow storm.
  2. Convertible Top  –  In the summer it’s no secret that a convertible anything is a majorly cool car (unless its a Sebring or PT Cruiser). *How many times have you looked at a Miata or BMW Z3 in the summer and ogled?*
  3. Fast  –  Nothing says “guy car” like smoking the rear tires at a stoplight. Drop the clutch and let ’em fly.
  4. Cargo Space  –  Most 20 year-old guys will end up living out of their car unexpectedly for long periods of time, so having a huge trunk or hatchback is a must. *Plus girls like guys who can move a couch, end table, and futon in one trip.*
  5. Reliability and Durability  –  This is paramount. It’s no secret that most 20-something guys hammer their vehicle like its on a NASCAR circuit. This car needs to be able to take repeated punishment with minimal servicing. *An oil change is just a suggestion right??*
  6. Average Handling  –  What do guys do with cars? Impress girls. How can you do that? Learn to drive a slow car FAST.
  7. It’s Cheap!  –  20-something guys don’t have a lot of money, trust me. Been there…still doing that. So when it comes to buying a vehicle, it’s got to be cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, cheap to insure. *That way we can spend our money for Pay Per View wrestling and nachos.*
  8. It’s COOL  –  A guy car needs to be an eye catcher. Bling isn’t for everyone, which is perfectly okay (glinty wheels don’t really do it for me either), but nobody wants to drive around in a vanilla wafer. Shouty or sleek, brash or elegant… it must have a cool factor.

If you’re a critical thinker – your going to say “Zach, nobody would ever buy that car! It’s a Frankenstein mix of every car on the market, how could it sell?” Well, I’ve got a surprise for you. It has sold… and quite well.

1987 Toyota 4Runner


The Toyota 4Runner was introduced in 1984 based off of the legendary Toyota Pickup. Although the vehicle in this specification is no longer made, my hunch is that  an updated 4Runner  made to this “recipe” would sell out nationwide.

With an original MSRP in the ’80s of under $10k, this truck was affordable and incredibly desirable. It ticks every box for the 20-something single guy. With a simple 4WD system fed through a rugged transfer box, the only limitation off-road was you. The 2.4L 22R engine in this 4Runner has been known for years to be an extremely reliable power-train, commonly churning out more than 300,000 miles. If you were in the mood for something a little faster, it came with a turbo version as well! Finally, nobody can deny how cool this car is. LOOK AT IT! A convertible top 4×4 SUV?! It’s dripping in testosterone.

So there you have it, the gauntlet has been thrown – automakers of 2013. Follow this recipe and you have a true gem of a car. Simple. Cheap. Rugged. Cool.

Somebody, please… BUILD THIS CAR. Myself and a million other 20 year-old guy’s will buy one in a heartbeat.